• Sable & Quill Reading and Exhibit
    Sable & Quill Reading and Exhibit
    Join us for an art event and reading of writers who are also visual artists.
  • Real Poets
    Real Poets
    Sacramento Poetry Center's Real Poets program pairs trained poet mentors with at-risk youth to write original poems about their lives.
  • Robert Hass reads at The Crocker Art Museum
    Robert Hass reads at The Crocker Art Museum
    Sacramento Poetry Center was an organizer and sponsor of the Squaw Valley Benefit Reading

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La Virgen

it’s not that she appeared
it’s that she was there

the entire time
our childhood hung

at the end of a stick
holy mother coil of strings

I want this to be our secret
I want to slide my finger

over her shawl and peel
her off the wall

and take her home
I could build an altar

let her black hair grow
through the walls

let it enter my mouth
and bless me from the inside

But in her coming to being
separated from her loss

she is already
going away

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Words themselves are often made extravagant and without warning to the listener. “A straight
soup party?” she uttered, yet in a truly deplorable little accent. Her voice carried a playfulness
that both confounded and went unfounded in a kitchen full of suburbanites. Another woman – of
about forty and twice the age of the comedian – caught the words in the air and batted at them
with a smirk and sure sign of unease that came from elsewhere, from beyond there.

“What do you mean by that?” was the response by this woman who was less-gold laced. A
closeted-dyke, for sure, whose bright face and fat body somehow remained hidden behind the
small crowd.

But the lover, of the soon to be persecuted, remained mute. Her hand gripping the wooden
spoon more tightly and as she continued stirring the salmon stew – the spoon softly drumming
against the inside of the large pot – the small dyke turned off the faucet and marched her way
through the crowd. She – her words – had already cut sharply through the merriment and
laughter that only moments before lingered in the air. Now, all that endured her tone was the
brave smell of salmon catching noses. Gleefulness would suffer a slow death. But the lover, no
longer stirring, no longer drumming, switched tasks, becoming the executioner: the blade of a
knife suddenly began decapitating baby carrots and the noise of loud claps against hardwood
began penetrating all ears. All eyes offered a hostile glare in the direction of the stranger who, of
course, was not one of them.

The stranger stood still and silent, shocked even. Her nose tracking the strong scent of salmon
that became a more torturing smell due to the sour odor from the unfinished blue wallpaper. She
could only think of one response: “Itz dah shues.” She coughed up nothing more, and as the
woman came out of the crowd and stood in front of her, the stranger nodded her head and
wondered how the hell this lesbian could parade herself in bland flannel and Frye boots – de
rigueur for Pete’s sake – and miss the queerest of references.

Agador Spartacus!


Straight Out Scribes, NSAA, Sean King, and Michael Ellis ||| Monday, Jan 16 @ 7:30 pm ||| SPC 1719 25th

January 16, 2017

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Host Nancy Aidé González

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Laverne Frith is a regular member of the Reviewer Panel of the New York Journal of Books and Co-editor and founder of Ekphrasis: A Poetry Journal, which features poetry about works of art. Ekphrasis just celebrated its twentieth year of publication. In addition, Laverne was, for nineteen years, a monthly poetry columnist for the widely […]

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Sable & Quill

December 26, 2016

  Sable & Quill: Reception January 14, 6-7:15 p.m.  Reading 7:30 p.m. Location: Sacramento Poetry Center Description: Join writers who are also visual artists for a reading of their literary works (poetry and prose) and an exhibit of their visual art at the eighth annual Sable & Quill. Participants are: Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Bethanie Humphreys, Tim […]

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Dear Friends,   My beloved husband plus many friends and colleagues have worked to put together this campaign in an attempt to raise money so that I can have non-invasive brain surgery at Stanford Med Center in early 2017. Please click on this link for more information. If you are able to contribute, I / we will be forever grateful. […]

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A Night of Translations with Bill O’Daly and Tim Kahl ||| December 19 @ 7:30 pm ||| SPC 1719 25th

December 13, 2016

Bill will have books available for purchase and signing.

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Stan Padilla ||| Monday, December 12 @ 7:30 pm ||| SPC 1719 25th St FREE ADMISSION – Open Mic

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